about us

this is our story

Years ago I walked into my first kitchen as a dishwasher. Before I washed my first plate I knew a kitchen is where I belonged.  Many years and many kitchens later I am now opening Dad's Cafe.  Everything we are doing here is an accumulation of the years of cooking, learning, and growing as a Chef.  

As a Chef I realize it is not about myself or the restaurant.  It is about our customers, our clients, and the friendships forged.  We must and we do listen to the needs of all of you.  We prepare all of our items with the utmost care and consideration in order to provide you with the best dining experience possible.

From listening to you this is how we will operate daily. We will not use traditional wheat flours. We will not use preservatives, or processed foods. We will always prepare everything from scratch. Finally, we will always provide you with the service and value that everyone deserves.